Dear Guests/Friends/Dear Madams and Sirs


It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to our 1st Annual International Conference on Anti-aging organized by the European Society for Health Promotion „PRO-SALUTEM”, that will take place in Warsaw on September 11th.


During the conference our experts will be discussing isues involving esthetic and anti-aging medicine. We will present the latest news on plastic surgery, dermatology, cosmetology as well as sexuality and psychology – the areas of increasing importance in modern medicine.


The current edition of the event will focus on exploring interdisciplinary causative factors behind aging, frequently omitted in mainstream medical discourse.


Attending our meeting gives an excellent opportunity to compare views and experiences with both Polish and world class specialists whose often radical views may clash during the conference. However, we are looking forward to constructive and creative outcome of the discussion.


We expect you to join us in the event that is of great significance to the world of medicine.


Dr. Andrzej Ignaciuk, MD
Chairman of the Scientific Committee
Dr. Włodzimierz W. Sukiennik, PhD
Secretary of the Scientific Committee

1st International Scientific Conference
"Hold back youth"
Warsaw, 11th September 2015